– Works by great artists like Bill Plympton compete against works from new and emerging talents.

– Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Uruguay are some of the countries with more representation.

– The festival serves as a preselection for the European Animation Emile Awards.

3D Wire Fest’s final selection will have a total of 41 short films: 29 in the international competition and 12 in the national one. The productions from 23 different countries will compete for the jury’s and the audience’s awards, which will give them direct access to the European Animation Emile Awards preselection, the highest recognition in the European sector. The contest is celebrated parallel to the Animation, Video Game and New Media Market, which will have works from highly reknown names like two-time Oscar nominee Bill Plymton, and also first works by emerging directors. Besides a great number of European works, films from United States, China, Uruguay and Taiwan will also be shown.

A total of 41 short films form 3D Wire Fest’s 9th edition. The films, which represent 23 countries, will be shown in Segovia from the 2nd to the 8th of October; Spain, with 12 works, has the most presence; there is also representation from France with five films, Netherlands and United Kingdom with three, and Germany and Uruguay with two each one. The selection also includes works from big film industries like the United States or China and from more unknown ones like Taiwan or Estonia. “3D Wire Fest is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best animation that is currently being produced around the world” says José Luis Farias, director of the event.

In the national selection, both the audience and the jury will be able to appreciate every type of animation techniques: from 3D to stop motion, cut-out animation or the traditional drawing on paper; the works deal with different themes and are mostly aimed at an adult audience so the spectators will explore every type of fantasy, vindication and reflection about today’s society. A total of 12 works from directors like Luis Usón (Afterwork, coproduction with Peru and Ecuador), Alejandro Jiménez and Bernardo González (Alleycats), Ana Pérez (Yellow), Alessandro Novelli (Contact), Genis Rigol, Pau Anglada and Marc Torices (Knockstrike), Mario Serrano (Mars Love), Fernando Pomares (Morning Cowboy), Silvia Carpizo (The Neverending Wall), Ben Fernández (The Stunt Manual) or the collective Ageda Kopla Taldea (Beti Bezperako Koplak); and the last-year selected: Marc Riba y Anna Solanas (Dead Horses) and Diego Porral (A Day in the Park). Names that, for the most part, will attend 3D Wire the first week of October.

The international selection also has a huge variety of techniques represented by the works from Europe, America and Asia. These 29 works possess the acknowledgement from some of the most important festivals in the world, like Clermont-Ferrand, Cannes, SXSW, Annecy and Berlin. Several debut films are mixed with acclaimed names like Bill Plympton, who participates with his latest short film: Cop Dog. The two-time Oscar nominee is considered as the “the king of independent animation” and has a large filmography with 60 short films and ten feature films. His “crude” style, as defined by himself, is based on an artisan technique that uses two frames per second, a lower number than the 24 frames used in conventional cinema.

All of these works will compete for the audience and jury award. The latter one, formed by Celia Bullwinkel, Bastien Dubois, Andrea Afanador and Barry O’Donoghue, will give them the privilege of being directly preselected for the European Animation Emile Awards, created this year to fill in the place for greatest exponent of European animation.

This way, the festival fulfils its double purpose. On the one hand, to gather together the best international animation with the final selection, chosen amongst more than 700 works received, which will be accessible for the general public and the professional one. On the other hand, to encourage media literacy with two screening for children “Peque 3D Wire”.

The Festival’s competitive section will take place in four sessions in La Cárcel_Espacio de Creación, that will be completed by a last screening of the Winners of 3D Wire, the two sessions for children Peque 3D Wire already mentioned, one in La Cárcel and the other one in Sala Fundación Caja Segovia, and a screening of comedy short films at Bar Santana.

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