– Feature films, short films, series, video games, apps, VR experiences, webseries and transmedia projects will all be present at this international event
– For the first time the selection of animation and video games projects includes works from Portugal, consolidating its Spanish and Portuguese roots
– The ambitious Spanish-Chinese co-production Dragonkeeper by Ignacio Ferreras (Wrinkles) is one of the most awaited
– Other important names that have confirmed their presence are the director SAM and the Goya winners Alberto Vázquez and Daniel Martínez Lara.
– The Short Film Project Movistar+ Award for best short film project stands out amongst the awards that will be given.

3D Wire will gather a total of 159 projects: 24 short films, 13 feature films, 16 animated series, 48 video games, 9 apps, 11 VR experiences, 12 transmedia projects and 26 webseries. A number that proves the event’s relevance inside the sector and cements its base as a Spanish and Portuguese event; a project that begun in the last edition. News about awaited works such as the ambitious Spanish-Chinese co-production Dragonkeeper by Ignacio Ferreras will be revealed in the Segovian event. Other important names like Alberto Vázquez (Psychonauts, the Forgotten Children), Daniel Martínez Lara (Alike) or SAM (Pos Eso) have confirmed their attendance. Besides, the Short Film Project Movistar+ Award for best short film project becomes established with a prize of 9.000 euros in broadcasting rights.

3D Wire reveals the 121 selected projects selected inside its call for Spanish & Portuguese animation and video games projects. For the first time, this year Portuguese works will be included, a fact that establishes the bases that begun in 2016 and consolidates the date as an Spanish-Portuguese event; also thanks to the support of the Portugal Embassy in Spain and the Camoes Institute. ‘It’s a very important step that strengthens even more the already existing links with our neighbour and makes 3D Wire the perfect place to generate synergies between both countries’, says its director, José Luis Farias.

The days 6th and 7th, the event’s main dates, the most relevant works that will mark the future of Animation, Video Games and New Media in the next months, will be presented. The list formed by a total of 24 short films, 13 feature films, 16 animated shows, 48 video games, 9 apps and 11 VR experiences is an essential part of this market. “There are a lot of professionals that want to be here and present their projects, and this offers us a double reading: the strength of the sector in the Iberian peninsula and, at the same time, the event’s ability to call for” concludes Farias.


In regards to the seventh art, the event highlights the presentation of Dragonkeeper, the most ambitious co-production between China and Spain to date. Directed by Ignacio Ferreras, the film is based in the successful book saga written by Carole Wilkinson. The director has received several awards for his debut film Wrinkles. It obtained the Jury’s Prize at Annecy, or the Award for Best Picture in Ottawa and Animamuni amongst others, and it achieved the milestone of being the first animated feature film that won a Goya award for best adapted screenplay.

Another one of the most awaited names is Alberto Vázquez, one of the greatest successes in last year’s Goya Awards winning both animation categories with his short film Decorado (that was also awarded with the highest award at 3D Wire) and his debut film Psychonauts, the Forgotten Children. Vázquez will reveal new details about his new feature film, Unicorn Wars; a project that he defines as ‘a mixture between Bambi and Apocalypse Now’. The Galitian will also present a video game project called Microbian along with Víctor García.

The filmmaker Isabel Herguera will be another one of our protagonist with her new documentary work Sultana’s Dream. The director has been behind this project for years. The project is based on a short story written by Rokeya Hossian en 1905, a short story that urges for reflection about the values and behaviours inherited by tradition.

Together with them, the Portuguese producer Jonas Cesar (AIM Animation Studios) will present Dom Fradique. A long-awaited feature film directed by Zepe, a filmmaker who has multiple awards and acknowledgements inside and outside his country. It stands out his several nominations to Cartoon D’Or and festival’s distinctions in Clermont-Ferrand or Huesca. Zepe also has a series in the final selection: Sr. Passageiro.

The short film section does not fall behind with confirmed names such as Daniel Martínez Lara, Goya winner for Alike; Daniel will talk about his next project: Hero, an open source Blender short film made with the collaboration of Blender Cloud. Diego Porral, double protagonist of this edition for his selection in the festival with A Day in the Park and in the market with Millennials and How to Identify Them, will also be in 3D Wire.

Two important professionals from the national animation, SAM and José Corral will not miss the event either. The former one, who has an enviable career with works such as the short film Vicenta and his first feature film Pos Eso (with the voices of Anabel Alonso, Carlos Areces, José Mota and Santiago Segura amongst others), will present Rutina. On the other hand, Corral, has more than sixteen years of experience inside the audio-visual world and more than 40 awards. For his last work, Down by Love, he got the voices of big Hollywood names like Stephen Dorff or the singer and actor Ne-Yo. His new incursion into short films is called Family Tale.


Faithful to its spirit, 3D Wire combines every section with renowned professionals and emerging talents. A field where the animation for TV and the video games have become the true pools for young talent. Amongst the 16 series selected for this edition, Christian Villacañas and Francesc Xavier Manuel, who were also selected for Bridging the Gap 2017, will present their series The Infinite Hero. Portugal will be represented by the series The Tribe by Nuno Beato, a project about the clash between civilizations with a touch of humour.

In the video games section only five out of 48 chosen projects will be able to show their developments and their creators will have the opportunity to give a presentation to confirm new details and information. To some of this projects, Kickstarter has been fundamental, as is the case with the retro futuristic Narita Boy from Studio Koba. This Spanish game has been very successful in the popular crowdfunding platform, surpassing its 120.000 euros objective; raising more than 160.000 from more than 5.000 supporters. Besides, Blasphemous, the new project from Sevillian studio The Game Kitchen, will take part on this section. The game is also pixel art based and includes religious elements to generate a somber atmosphere. This last project got 333.246 dolars, from 9.869 crowdfounders, surpassing its aim of 50.000 $.

Other titles that will be presented in this city of Castile and Leon are, apart from the already mentioned Microbian, Do Not Feed the Monkeys and Shadow of the Mask. The first one is made by the Madrid-based Fictorama Studios and it proposes a unique “voyeur” digital simulator where you invade the private lifes of dozens of strangers. The second project, made by the indie studio Tetera y Kiwi based in Granada, lays out a graphical retro-futuristic adventure with a “noir” atmosphere where a detective will have to investigate a brutal murder in a world filled with aliens, robots, fallen superheroes, big corporations and conspiracies.

There will also be a place for new formats. The Catalan studio Alike, will bring their application Bring You Home. A very visual game for a familiar audience. Its last project Love You To Bits was finalist at IMGA, IndiePlus and Reboot Develop besides winning the Best Video Game Award at 3D Wire 2015.


This international market, that has become a reference at an international level, does not only serve as a world-wide display for different projects and works, but this edition will also reward the most outstanding works. One of these rewards is the Short Film Project Movistar+ Award. The awarded work will obtain the acquisition of the broadcasting rights by Movistar+ for 9.000 euros for 2 years (first year exclusively) and an unlimited number of passes. Besides, the work will be officially premiered at the 2018 or 2019 edition of 3D Wire.

The public entity RTVE will also reward interactive works with prizes for best video game project, VR video game and app, respectively. These recognitions are given by the Interactive Media department at RTVE, where the selected project can be presented to RTVE’s Interactive Media Management.


Moreover, the call for transmedia projects has gathered a total of 12 European titles. Among them, the studio Tequila Works will share the details of The Invisible Hours, one of the deepest  VR narrative experiences available up to now.

Finally, the call for web series, new this edition and which has the collaboration of Átomo Network, brings together 26 projects from different countries such as United States, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Canada and Spain. The project to be presented will be announced in the following days.

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