– The event will have professionals from 14 countries, Colombia and the Philippines among them.
– The program includes a day exclusively dedicated to private investment.
– The event adds the presentation of the critically acclaimed webserie: Super Science Friends, by the Canadian Brett Jubinville.

3D Wire begins its ninth edition. From the 2nd to the 8th of October, Segovia becomes the reference point for the Animation, Video Games and New Media industries at a national and international level. With more than a 1.000 accredited people, the Castile and León event combines a film festival with a market, and so offering “a programming that adapts to the general public and the industry professionals” says its director, José Luis Farias. A total of 159 selected projects that includes the worldwide presentation of some of the most awaited ones like Dragonkeeper, the great Spanish-Chinese co-production directed by Ignacio Ferreras (“Wrinkles”). An edition in which names like Alberto Vázquez, Diego Porral or Chelo Loureiro have more than one selected project.

The Animation, Video Game and New Media market 3D Wire starts its ninth edition. A date that this year strengthen its international connections, consolidating itself as an Spanish-Portuguese event and having Colombia as a guess country. This year, professionals from 14 countries will attend: Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, United States, Estonia, Philippines, France, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal and United Kingdom. “From the beginnings of 3D Wire a strategy based in becoming a prominent national referent with more international acclaim each time was established. Now we find ourselves in the edition that best reflects that spirit”, says José Luis Farias, the event’s director.

3D Wire has a double nature where festival and market generate a perfect symbiosis. “This combination allows us to have a program that adapts to both the general public and the industry professionals”, says Farias. The Festival will have a total of 41 short film from 23 different countries: 29 in the international competition and 12 in the national one. Diverse cinematographies from United States, China and Uruguay will compete for the maximum recognition that classifies the audience and jury awarded works for the European Animation Emile Awards, the highest European recognition in this sector. This year’s official selection combines new talents with renowned names like two-timed Oscar nominee Bill Plymton.

The market, 3D Wire’s other reason of being, has selected 159 projects: 24 short films, 13 feature films, 16 animated series, 48 video games, 9 apps and 11 VR projects. Some of these works will have a worldwide exclusive presentation in Segovia; this is the case of Dragonkeeper, an Spanish-Chinese co production directed by Ignacio Ferreras. Pablo Castrillo, scriptwriter, will reveal new details about this ambitious animated film. Other important names that will present their new projects are Alberto Vázquez (Psiconautas, los niños olvidados), Daniel Martínez Lara (Alike) or SAM (Pos Eso).


The 2017 edition has a “double spotlight” on several selected professionals. Some names amongst 3D Wire’s official programming have more than one title in the event; this is the case of the already mentioned Alberto Vázquez who after winning two Goya Awards last year, he will present his new awaited feature film: Unicorn Wars, as well as his first video game project: Microbian.

Other names that will be mentioned more than two times on Friday 6th and that will attend the Castile and León city will be Chelo Loureiro and Iván Miñambres, producers of Vázquez’s new film as well as Sultana’s dream, a new project by Isabel Herguera. Diego Porral is one of the other names. In his case, he has short film competing at 3D Wire Fest (A Day in the Park) and will also attend to present his new short film project Millenials and How to Identify Them.

Raúl Rubio from Tequila Works, will be the last of the confirmed guests that will be up on the stage two times. In the first place, he will talk about his transmedia project: The Invisible Hours, one of the deepest narrative experiences available in VR until now; and on the second place, he will participate as a speaker in the roundtable about video game’s co-productions with his experience in The Sexy Brutale, together with the British studio Cavalier Game Studios.


The project presentations adds a new name to the already notable list: the acclaimed webseries Super Science Friends. Its creators have just confirmed their attendance to the event. Brett Jubinville, director, Morghan Fortier, producer, Larissa Melnik, animator and Kevin Williams, scriptwriter will come to the date. The series from the Canadian Brett Jubinville confirms itself as one of the most awaited moments as the adventures of this group of scientific superheroes have thousands of followers.

Names like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud and Tapputi form this unique team that has the goal of freeing the world from supervillains by traveling through time.

Winner of several awards in competitions like Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, T.O. WebFest and New York Science Fiction Film Festival; Segovia will be the stage chosen to announce their news.


One of the fundamental topics within the next edition of 3D Wire will be private investment. A key aspect that, for the second year in a row, will have its own special financing day dedicated entirely to it. Organized in collaboration with the ICEX and the support of DIBOOS, it will take place on October 5th at Palacio Quintanar in Segovia, the main site used by this representative event nationally and internationally about animation, video games and New Media.

The purpose of the session is to strengthen the national animation sector by acquiring private investment; providing tools for Spanish companies to deal with this important challenge for its international consolidation.

A program filled with the analysis of successful cases, talks, conferences and networking, all coordinated by Francisco Menéndez, lawyer at WELAW, and that will also count with the presence of high level professionals like Marta Hernández, Financial Manager at Tandem Films; Igor Alonso, Fiscal Adviser at BESTAX and Julián Mazoteras, Financial Expert; among others.


One of the other topics that will be discussed in the market’s ninth edition is rendering engines and real time. The talk 3D Wire Next: CPU vs. GPU / realtime will open the debate about the technological change that is happening in animation, mainly motivated by the strength of video games as a fundamental part of the sector.

Speakers like Víctor González (Next Limi), Víctor Manuel Feliz (Motiva CG), Sergio González Sainz (Summus Render), and the moderator Raúl Colomer de Barreira (Arte + Diseño), will question the current dilemma about entirely changing the technological structures and bet on the GPU render, the remote control systems and other internal pipelines management forms. The appropriate moment, the resistance of the sector or the drive of new professionals will be issues that will try to find answers for the basic question: is rendering coming to an end?

This issue that directly affects hardware and software manufacturers, and animation professionals and producers, completes a multidisciplinary program that will bring more than 1.000 industry professionals to Castile and Leon’s city.

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