– The French shortfilm Negative Space and the Canada-Croatia-Estonia production Manivald, together with the Spanish Morning Cowboy, won the jury prizes.

3D Wire has unvealed the list of winners of its ninth edition that awards the best works and projects of the animation, video games and new media sector. Awards marked by its internationality and recognition of Spanish talent. The French short film Negative Space by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, Canada-Croatia-Estonia’s production Manivald directed by Chintis Lundgren, and the Spanish Morning Cowboy by Fernando Pomares, have been honored by the jury. While the public has recognized Golden Oldies of the Finnish Daan Velsink and Joost Lieuwma and also the Spanish A Day in the Park by Diego Porral. In the projects section, Blue & Malone: Impossible Cases, by Abraham López has won the Short Film Project Prize Movistar+ and Do not Feed the Monkeys by Fictiorama Studios, The Invisible Hours by Tequila Works and Bring You Home by Alike Studio, won the prizes for the most innovative video game, video game VR and app projects respectively.

3D Wire, Animation, Video games and New Media Market, has unveiled its ninth edition awards. The list of winners gathers the most distinguished works and projects, both national and international level. The Segovian event that closes its ninth edition on Sunday 8th, has become a key encounter for professionals of the sector and endorsed each year to a greater extent by the public. A very high level program and gather of speakers that this year counted with a new space of greater capacity for the presentations.

In a closing ceremony marked by the irreverent humor of producer David Matamoros, the 3D Wire Fest jury formed by Barry O’Donoghue (CEO and producer of Barley Films), animator and director Celia Bullwinkel, director Bastien Dubois and Andrea Afanador, director of FDC programs (Proimágenes Colombia) have distinguished (in the international section) the French short film Negative Space by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata; a pair of directors that already count with an outstanding trajectory, endorsed by prestigious festivals like Annecy, Austin or Sundance. The jury has also awarded the best European short film, the Canada-Croatia-Estonia co-production: Manivald by Chintis Lundgren; Island by Robert Löbel and Max Mörti has received a special mention. By last, Morning Cowboy by Fernando Pomares, has won the Jury Award for Best National Short. Pomares adds a new recognition for this work that was premiered at the Berlin Festival, where he competed for the Crystal Bear in the “Generation 14plus” section.

The public, as one of the reasons why 3D Wire exists, also has voice and votes to choose their favorites. The best international short film for the viewers is Golden Oldies, a Finnish production directed by Daan Velsink and Joost Lieuwma. Among the Spanish works, A Day in the Park by Diego Porral, has been the winner for the attendees to the projections made in La Cárcel_Segovia Centro de Creación.

The festival opens the door for its winners to the European Animation Emile Awards, the highest European recognition in this sector. The event is the only one in Spain with this privilege.


Another quality of 3D Wire is its strong commitment to the future of the sector; an example of this is the 159 projects selected in this edition. Among all of them have been settle the awards given by this event held in the Castilian capital.

The winner of this year’s Short Film Project Prize Movistar+ has been Blue & Malone: ​​Impossible Cases, by Abraham López. The award consists of the acquisition of the rights of emission of the awarded short film by Movistar+ and for a sum of 9,000 euros during the term of 2 years (unlimited number of passes), being the first year in exclusivity for the mentioned channel. In addition, the work will be officially released in the 2018 or 2019 edition of 3D Wire.

RTVE gave once again its interactive awards to the most innovative video game, video game VR and app projects. Do not Feed the Monkeys by Fictiorama Studios, The Invisible Hours by Tequila Works and Bring You Home by Alike Studio have been chosen in each of the respective categories. All of these awards are selected by RTVE’s Interactive Media Department and can now be presented to the RTVE Interactive Directorate.


In this edition, 3D Wire opened a new call for on line animation series. Átomo Network, as the main collaborator, granted the Átomo Grand Prix to the best web series presented at the Festival and Bee and PuppyCat, by Natasha Allegri has been the winner.

For its part, the Premio Robot Atómico has fallen on Niño Ratón, by Spanish Hector Toro. This award includes an advance of 500 dollars for the series and a distribution agreement to publish it on Atom Network Channel, with the subsequent distribution of benefits between the series and Átomo Network, it also includes the option of co-production in case of successful publication of the Series.

The Átomo Network Award, including the dubbing and publication of the series in Spanish (neutral) on Átomo Network Channel and the co-production option in case of successful publication of the series, has landed in the Canadian Super Science Friends, by Brett Jubinville and Laurel Dalgleish.

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