– December 14th is the new deadline for finished works
– Production companies and professionals from the animation sector can take part in the Ibero-America/World Co-production Forum
– The award ceremony will take place on April 7th 2018 on the island of Tenerife, Spain

The organizers of the Quirino Ibero-American Animation Awards last Thursday announced the extension of the entry deadline for finished works, as well as opening the call for submissions to the Co-production Forum. Both events will take place on the 6th and 7th of April in the Auditorium of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

The announcement was made during the presentation of the Quirino Awards in Ventana Sur 2017, held in Buenos Aires from November 27th through to December 1st. The promoter of the initiative, José Luis Farias, was in charge of the presentation along with; Gerardo Michelin, press officer; Marta Machado, ambassador of the awards in Brazil; José Iñesta, ambassador in Mexico; Paul Vaca, responsible for international relations; and Silvina Cornillon, ambassador for Latin America.

The event will accept animation works from the 23 countries of the region which premiered between January 1st 2016 and December 31st 2017, right up until December 14th 2017. The competition is divided into nine categories: feature film, series, short film, school short films, innovative work, commissioned work, visual development, animation design and sound design. The guidelines for entries are available at the Quirino Awards webpage.

In parallel to the awards, the organizers announced the forthcoming opening of submissions for the Ibero-American / World Coproduction Forum. From December 15th onwards, Ibero-American animation companies will be able to apply to participate in the Forum which will take place on April 6th and 7th in the Auditorium in Santa Cruz deTenerife. The program will include one-to-one meetings, working groups, along with a number of different conferences, with the aim in mind of creating a meeting point for Ibero-American animation production companies. “We don’t just want to talk about projects, but production companies themselves too, because often when working together it is important not only to be familiar with the projects, but also how each production company works.”, noted José Luis Farias.

The Brazilian project “Noah’s Ark” is one of the first to confirm its participation in the Forum after having received the Quirino Award given by the organizers of the event in Ventana Sur Animation! Produced by Gullane (“Uma Historia de Amor e Furia”), Videofilmes and Globo Filmes, this family comedy in 3D is directed by Sérgio Machado and was selected by the jury of Animation! for its “original idea, the charm of its characters and the excellent pitch carried out”.

Setting itself the task of creating a space for debate and reflection on animation matters, the Quirino Awards will also organize the International Congress of Ibero-American Animation, which will run at the same time and in the same place as the Forum. The call for submissions will be open until January 24th and the guidelines are available on the webpage of the Congress. “We have to reflect on what we are producing, the way we go about it, and the business we are developing; and the academic world is the perfect place to do that”, as Marta Machado has noted.

Working together to develop a distinct identity

The Quirino Awards come at an effervescent time for Ibero-American animation. As Gerardo Michelin pointed out, there are currently around one hundred animation feature length films in development in Latin America, with 25 of these coming from Brazil.

In this context, the event is faced with the challenge of encouraging joint efforts in order to build a distinct identity, just as the promoters themselves have explained it. “Animation is a language in which we see ourselves reflected universally, and so it is important that the animation community meet up during these Awards and start making content by us and for us which can be exported worldwide”, remarked José Iñesta.

“The Forum gives us the chance to begin to get to know each other and forge alliances to develop material together. We all make a big effort, separately, on our own, and we have to join forces and possibly make fewer projects, but with more potential and higher quality”, argued Machado. In this respect, Silvina Cornillon highlighted the favourable winds blowing for alliances and partnerships. “This great creative potential also comes with a paradigm shift: we keep coming across professionals who have no fears about working together and who understand the strength that comes from joining forces”.

Paul Vaca, for his part, emphasized the potential of the Quirino Awards in terms of expanding the distribution of Ibero-American animation, “it is going to enable many projects which might otherwise be unknown to gain visibility, not just the big ones but also short films and school short films”, he stated.

The Quirino Ibero-American Animation Awards

The awards are named in tribute of the creator of the first feature length animation film in history, the Italian-Argentinean Quirino Cristiani, who in 1917 directed “El Apóstol”; this Argentinean production, shot in 35mm, used 58,000 drawings done by hand along with a number of models representing public buildings and streets in Buenos Aires city.

The main sponsor of the Quirino Awards is the Tourism department of Tenerife, reflecting the determined commitment that is being made for the animation for years on the island, not only with these awards but with the presence in the main events and markets, attracting new companies, as well as with the support to the flourishing local sector.

Besides it has the collaboration of the Tenerife Adán Martín Auditorium, as well as some of the main Ibero-American animation festivals and markets, like Mexico’s Pixelatl Festival of Animation, Video Games and Comics of Cuernavaca, Spain’s 3D Wire, International Animation, Video Game and New Media Market, among others…

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