In this edition 3D Wire Fest is composed of a total of 29 international short films and 12 national ones. All of them will fight to gain the jury and audience awards.

A total of eight free screenings will take place in La Cárcel_Segovia Centro de Creación (Sala Ex.Presa 1. Avda. Juan Carlos I s/n) between October 2th – 8th. The competitive section of the Festival consists on four sessions to be completed with one last screening, 3D Wire Winners Screening. Besides, two children’s session to promote media literacy: Peque 3D Wire and a screening of humor short films in Bar Santana complete the programme.


  1. Afterwork. Luis Usón, 7’, 3D Digital, Co-production with Peru and Ecuador.
  2. Alleycats. Alejandro Jiménez, Bernardo González, 7’, 3D Digital.
  3. Contact. Alessandro Novelli, 8’, Mixed Techniques.
  4. Couplets for an Everlasting Eve. Colectivo Ageda Kopla Taldea, 5’, Mixed Techniques.
  5. A Day in the Park. Diego Porral, 3’ 3D Digital.
  6. Dead Horses. Marc Riba, Anna Solanas, 6’, Stop motion.
  7. Knockstrike. Genis Rigol, Pau Anglada, Marc Torices, 6’, 2D, 3D Digital.
  8. Mars Love. Mario Serrano, 7’, 2D, Drawing on paper.
  9. Morning Cowboy. Fernando Pomares, 15’, 2D.
  10. The Neverending Wall. Silvia Carpizo, 12’, 2D.
  11. The Stunt Manual. Ben Fernández, 9’, Cut out.
  12. Yellow. Ana Pérez, 4’, 2D, Drawing on paper.


  1. The Absence of Eddy Table. Rune Spaans, 12’, 3D Digital, Norway.
  2. Drop by Drop. Alexandra Ramires, Laura Gonçalves, 9’, 2D, Engraving, Portugal.
  3. Asteria. A. Arpentinier, M. Blanchys, L. Grand, T. Lamarca, T. Lemaille, J.C. Lusseau, 5’, 3D Digital, France.
  4. Bullet Time. Frodo Kuipers, 6’, 2D, 3D Digital, Netherlands.
  5. Cop Dog. Bill Plympton, 6’, Drawing on paper, USA.
  6. Garden Party. F. Babikian, V. Bayoux, V. Caire, T. Dufresne, G. Grapperon, L. Navarro, 7’, 3D Digital, France.
  7. Golden Oldies. Daan Velsink, Joost Lieuwma, 3’, Stop motion, Pixilation, Netherlands.
  8. The Huchen. Juan Carve, 5’, Drawing on paper, 2D, Uruguay.
  9. I Want Pluto To Be A Planet Again. Marie Amachoukeli, Vladimir Mavounia Kouka, 8’, 2D, France.
  10. Irma. Alejo Schettini, Germán Tejeira, 6’, 2D, Uruguay.
  11. Island. Robert Löbel, Max Mörti, 2’, 2D, Germany.
  12. KL. William Henne, Yann Bonnin, 4’, Pixilation, Belgium.
  13. Late Season. Daniela Leitner, 7’, 2D, Austria.
  14. Less Than Human. Steffen Lindholm, 6’, 3D Digital, Denmark.
  15. Lupus. Carlos Gómez Salamanca, 10’, Stop motion, Painting, France and Colombia.
  16. Manivald. Chintis Lundgren, 13’, Drawing on paper, Canada, Croatia and Estonia.
  17. Negative Space. Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata, 6’, Stop motion, France.
  18. Oh Mother! Paulina Ziolkowska, 13’, 2D, Poland.
  19. Ossa. Dario Imbrogno, 4’, Stop Motion, Italy.
  20. Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chamaleon. Tomer Eshed, 4’, 3D Digital, Germany.
  21. Poles Apart. Paloma Baeza, 12’, Stop motion, United Kingdom.
  22. The Radio Dolores. Katariina Lillqvist, 18’, Stop motion, puppets, Finland.
  23. Sabaku. Marlies van der Wel, 3’, 2D, Netherlands.
  24. Second to None. Vincent Gallagher, 7’, Stop motion, Puppets, Ireland.
  25. Tête à Tête. Natasha Tonkin, 8’, Drawing on paper, 2D, Stop motion, United Kingdom.
  26. Tough. Jennifer Zheng, 5’, 2D, Drawing on paper, United Kingdom.
  27. Valley of White Birds. Cloud Yang, 16’, 2D, China.
  28. We’re Human, After All. Jan Míka, 17’, 2D, Live action, Czech Republic.
  29. What a Peaceful Day. Eden (Kai-Hsun) Chan, 5’, 2D, Taiwan.


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