Like every year, 3D Wire once again opens the Showroom doors for animation, video games and new technology companies and professionals. An exhibition space where the lastest works will be shown and that will give visibility to all kinds of projects, companies and products.




Product presentation from the immersive computing area.









Small experience center with demo units of the whole family of professional products, so that anyone can test the possibilities of our solutions applied to 3D. It offers a more ergonomic and precise work possibility to professionals, with particular attention to the new demands of creativity, such as the need to work traveling (mobility) or the improvement of quality and comfort, which both influence the final result and the time needed to achieve quality work.







3D Wire 9th edition Video Game

One again, for one more year, 3D Wire brings its own video game to the showroom space. This year, we wanted to innovate and offer you a holographic game where the ability to memorize sounds and colors will determine who will win a very special prize in our ninth edition.

Video Game developer company: BinaryBox Studios

Project: Apartment 327

First-person horror adventure whose premise is to escape the temporal loop in which you are trapped. The story unfolds between 1923 and 2016 in an old house where we move in different times. Full of puzzles that can only be solved by visiting the same rooms at different moments of the timeline. Several simultaneous stories are presented in the different timelines that are discovered through newspaper articles and/or pages of the protagonist’s diaries. In order to finish the adventure, the player must discover his role in all those stories and the reason he is trapped in time.


Video Game developer company: Blackone

Project: Blackone Academy

Blackone is a videodesign studio placed in Madrid, Spain. We focus on MotionGraphics, 3D, VFX, Editing, Design, and Branding. In addition to working with our direct clients, we support advertising and marketing agencies, television channels, video producers, design studios… We shape your most creative ideas.


Video Game developer company: Wildbit Studios

Project: CoolPaintr VR

Indescribable experience of painting in 3D space with virtual reality where you are able to walk around your artwork. Through an intuitive interface designed to fit all audiences, you are able to use multiple and stunning brushes to enjoy feeling like an artist. Express your mind freely, share it with the world, and let your imagination flow into space!


Video Game developer company: Koros Studios

Project: Death Tycoon

Death Tycoon is an “idle game” for mobile devices in which you’ll turn into a great business man in the world of the death… You can live the experience of managing a business from the start until you become the most famous business man in the mexican underworld. You’ll discover many surprises about our tough protagonist and feel the stress of managing various business at the same time. Are you ready?


Video Game developer company: Fictiorama Studios

Project: Do Not Feed the Monkeys

First digital voyeur simulator. You have been accepted by the Primate Watching Club and you can invade the privacy of dozens of people while trying to make a living. You must progress in the Club, but do not forget its main rule: do not interact. Do not feed the monkeys. Browse social networks, wikis, websites, newspapers, online stores, etc. Make use of mail and chat tools. And, once you’ve gotten the information, will you intervene to help, sabotage their dreams, or will you sit to watch quietly, doing nothing? What you decide to do (or not do) will have consequences!


Video Game developer company: No Wand Studios

Project: The Fall of Lazarus

A deeply narrative video game in which the player has to solve puzzles and investigate thoroughly to be able to advance. The story is ramified and is thrown across the scenario at the same time as the player advances in the general plot, being able to delve into the universe created and in the past of the characters as much as you want, exploring and investigating the remains of those who at some point inhabited the Lazarus. In addition, as you unite the pieces, an even bigger puzzle leads you to discover the dark truth that surrounds.


Video Game developer company: Imagin&Tonic

Project: Live Animation

Live Animation lets you create animation videos using your own characters and 2D and 3D assets for YouTube and other social networks, allowing animation studios to create teasers and social contents of their IPs in a very short time.


Video Game developer company: Tessera Studios

Project: Intruders: Hide and Seek

First person stealth game for VR. In this thriller, you play as Ben, a 13 year-old boy who sees how three strangers break into the mansion where he lives and held his parents hostage. His mission will be to move around the house unnoticed, survive to the worst night of their lives, and discover the truth about the attackers’ intentions.


Alberto Vázquez, Víctor García

Project: Microbian

Casual game, infinite runner in which a microbe escapes from an organic and hostile world. Through a simple and original handling, Microbian maintains a balance between an artistic game, with original graphics and sound art, and an addictive platform game.


Video Game developer company: El Caleidoscopio Proyectos de Ciencia y Cultura

Project: ROS Film Festival

The Robotic Online Short Film Festival (ROS Film Festival) is the first online short film festival with a robotics theme which aspires to become one of the main online festivals. Besides establishing a new space for the dialogue between arts, science and technology, one of the main objectives is to be able to explain how this archetypal is being defined, by making creators and public reflect on a not-so-far-away society, where we’ll be sharing our day to day lives with social robots, those who are capable of interacting and empathise with human beings and between them.


David Fdez-Marcote

Project: Sara Rocks!

A show that parodies the lucrative business of prefabricated musicians to the rhythm of milkshakes, many defeats and rock and roll. It’s the story of a little girl who has to lead her father’s rock band, who has now turned into a meringue because of his addiction to sweets. The one responsible for it is the tyrant that rules the city, the creator of bands and prefabricated sweet, who will everything to sabotage the band that could put her empire in danger. If they want to reach the top, the band will have to get the applause of the audience in the musical battles of the Great Talent Show and defeat every rival group that gets in their way.

Ayuntamiento de Segovia

Project: Segovia Open Future

Program of business acceleration.


Video Game developer company: Tetera y Kiwi Games

Project: The Shadow of the Mask

Since the heroes’ demise, the Emerald City Superhero Crime Department fights for the rights of gifted citizens. Alanis, a coffee-loving, foul-mouthed detective, and her partner Edrick investigate a series of related crimes on the streets, mingling with aliens, mutants and androids. Follow the leads to uncover the truth of a game-changing case, and explore a city where heroes are hunted down, a city ruled by a society that lurks among the shadows of the masks that its heroes once wore.


Video Game developer company: Nexo Creativo Trim Tangle: Team Therefore

Project: Therefore

The Wanderer wakes up in the First Realm, he finds it torn apart and consumed by The Degradation. A spectral form, his only guide, tells him: “Save The First Realm”. The Wanderer has lost his memories and his voice. The only thing he can do is wander, explore the First Realm searching for answers, about himself, about what is menacing reality. In his path he learns about his powers: extracting essences from reality to forge mystic objects and controlling the time to restart the day, a power that will let him survive the last day of existence.


Rafael García

Project: The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera

A fun adventure stylized like television cartoons. This is Johnny Bonasera’s revenge story, a kid that has been beaten and humiliated by a gang of punks. Fed by an insatiable desire of revenge, Johnny Bonasera promises to take revenge on every punk that humiliated him. One by one. Without hesitation. Without mercy.


Video Game developer company: Pixel Ratio

Project: Virtual Pong

Virtual Pong! is the new VR video game of Pixel Ratio. It is a ping pong game in virtual reality with a high social component. Compete against players from all over the world, pick your avatar and start playing! It is planned that the competition between players will be in local mode, not online.


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