For the first time, 3D Wire celebrates it’s call for International On Line Series. Showing up next a seleciton of 26 On Line Series in different production phases. Niño Ratón, by Hector Toro, will be part of the conference Projects Presentation Friday October 6th.

Every project submited to this On Line Series Call, both spanish and english, can apply to the following awards respectively:

Átomo Network Award that includes the Átomo statuette, the dubbing and publication of the series in Spanish (neutral) on the Átomo Network Channel and the option of co-production in case of successful publication of the series.

Premio Robot Atómico that includes the Átomo statuette, an advance of $500 for the series and a distribution agreement to publish it on Átomo Network Channel, with the subsequent distribution of benefits between the series and Átomo Network. The Átomo Network Award includes the option of co-production in case of successful publication of the series.

In addition 3D Wire and Átomo Network will award the Átomo Grand Prix, to the best web series presented at the festival, rewarding technical and artistic merit. The winning series will receive the exclusive statuette of Átomo Network and 3D Wire.


  1. Bee and Puppycat, by Natasha Allegri (FREDERATOR STUDIOS, OLM). USA, JAPAN
  2. Blackman, by Rulo Barrera (NIÑO GÜERO STUDIOS). MEXICO
  3. Bird Force, by Javier Baldó (ARBEYU STUDIO). SPAIN
  4. Crakoshan, by Esteban Erazo and Paul Morales. ECUADOR
  5. Crisis Cartoons, by Javier Baldó (ARBEYU STUDIO). SPAIN
  6. District of no Return, by Bárbara Ros and Carles Navarro. SPAIN
  7. Escualotario, by Jose Faedda (FAEDDAPRODUCCIONES). ARGENTINA
  8. Graims, by Orlando Sánchez and Rulo Barrera (NIÑO GÜERO STUDIOS). MEXICO
  9. Hyper Jim, by Miguel Vélez (TWISTED HOUSE). ECUADOR
  10. Los Keloides, by Sergio Neri. MEXICO
  11. KZA Monster, by Fabián Ávila. MEXICO
  12. Megasonics NG, by Valu Vasconcelos (VALU ANIMATION STUDIOS). BRAZIL
  13. Niño ratón, by Héctor Toro (NAREHOP). SPAIN
  14. Little Big Heroes, by Diego Gómez, Rich Harding and Manuela Castellanos (G12 ANIMATION – VISION ART). COLOMBIA
  15. Pésame Street, by Niko (NIKOTXÁN). SPAIN
  16. Interplanetary Relationship, by Ismael López (LOOPREAD). MEXICO
  17. Laggard & Feldspar, by Javier Baldó (ARBEYU STUDIO). SPAIN
  18. Ricky & Richy, by Adrián Peña and Alejandro Daniel Arteaga. MEXICO
  19. Ashitamasen, by Alejandro Mora. COLOMBIA
  20. Sky Plaza, by José Garnelo (FOSFATINA). SPAIN
  21. Super Science Friends, by Brett Jubinville and Laurel Dalgleish (TINMAN CREATIVE STUDIOS). CANADA
  22. Land of Thugs, by Federico Moreno (MCFLY STUDIO, IDEALISMO CONTENIDOS). ARGENTINA
  23. Trve Kvlt, by Dante Ochoa and Daniel Zepeda (KVLT TOONS, CONARTE). MEXICO
  24. Uncovered, by Álex Forcén and Patrick Saura (STUDIO NIMAI). SPAIN
  25. The Weeklings, by Jabril Mack (WEEKLINGS). USA
  26. Zootecnia – #discoveringyouranimalside, by Marquitos Cárdenas (ESTUDIOS ANIMECO). COLOMBIA

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